An Ode to Bicycling in Seattle

An Ode to Bicycling in Seattle

A new downtown job
Leads me to spend intimate time with Seattle twice a day.
My bike and I wend our way through crisp dawns and dusks this fall.
As I go my heart fills with love and joy —
How beautiful and how functional our city!
This morning I choose to take the waterfront route, and delight in its varied scenery.
A rumbling train yard and huge working fishing boats
Give way to the manicured grass and impressive art pieces of the Sculpture Park.
I watch seabirds dive into the waters of our Puget Sound.
Behind them are layers of natural and man-made majesty:
The arching forms of Mount Rainier and the Olympics
Are repeated in the stadiums
And juxtaposed by the jutting orange cranes of the port.
All these disparate parts blend together,
Making a cohesive town that has something for everyone.
Many hidden pieces make it run.
And I too am part of it –
I always feel especially part of it as I ride,
Highly attuned to it all as I must be while cycling.
My mind feels perfectly sharp, my body one with my bike,
Light and free and balanced and powerful, breathing in the misty cool air.
I love the zenlike focus of observing and reacting to the world around me,
Traffic and pedestrians and potholes not annoyances today,
But all part of the beautiful whole.
I pass and am passed by other cyclists on their way to other jobs,
Their heads full of other thoughts.
We share the feeling of tires on damp pavement,
The cadenced effort of muscles happy to be providing propulsion,
The knowledge that there will be hills to climb.
Our City has made our journeys easier by providing marked bike lanes
And fanciful bike racks shaped like squids in front of the Aquarium.
My bike and I could both go on, but we have reached the office
So I say goodbye to Seattle and go on with the day,
Knowing that we will be together again tomorrow.

3 Responses

  1. 🙂

    Bikes are the perfect way to get around Seattle, they connect you with the city.

  2. Came across your blog while knocking around the web looking for connections to pass along the word on the latest episode in my TV series seen on PBS, ‘American Barn Stories and Other Tales From the Heartlands”. Seattle PBS has the show and you should be seeing it soon, if not already.

    Website for the show:

    Just wanted to say a quick hello and pass along compliments on your blogging efforts — nice job, I’ll subscribe!

  3. Hi Bex:
    Just had to drop you a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your An Ode to Bicycling in Seattle! I know that this is your no. 1 form of exercise so it sure hits the nail right on the head,,,,,,
    From the grapevine I understand that your gardening activities are really developing into quite a business – feature story in the Japanese Airways magazine, Workshop Presentations, etc. I think it’s GREAT and I’m so proud of you….. Keep it up!
    When are you arriving for Christmas? Really looking forward to seeing you. Milo coming along with you? If not, say “Hello” to him for me.
    See you soon. Love ‘ya!

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