I’m not growing anything illegal, I swear!

Pots, not pot

This week I got my first seeds started indoors!   I don’t have a good south-facing window so I rigged up a little bit of lighting.   I have no idea if this will actually work, but I decided to give it a try!  I want to add to my herb garden, so that’s what I’m growing right now.  I love having fresh herbs out on my balcony — I grew chives and thyme and parsley out there last summer and they are thriving.  (See pic below.)  I have been using all 3 in recipes all winter long.  I also love dill, sage, cilantro and rosemary so those are going to be added to the herb garden this year.  I’ve got 4 dill seeds in one pot under lights and 4 sage in the other.  After these guys sprout and I move them outside, I’ll start another round of veggie seeds in the little pots.

Herbs, not herb